Tina is going to Haiti to work onb natural building in February and March, 2011. To hear more about this endeavour, and how you can help, visit http://strawhomes.ca/newpage.html or read her blog.
A former elementary school teacher, Tina began building with straw bales 10 years ago when she became a partner in Camel's Back Construction, Ontario's first straw bale construction company. She is currently sole proprietor of the company, and continues to build, plaster, teach workshops, and do presentations across the province with a team of experienced builders. She has been invited to go to France to teach a workshop and work with a team of natural builders.
Chair of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition, Tina does many public presentations each year at events, including the annual Building Inspector's Conference. Co-author of ‘More Straw Bale Building', one of the key organisers of the International Straw Bale Building Conference in 2006, and a presenter at the Timber Framer's Conference in Montebello, she remains actively involved in the straw bale movement.